Thursday, September 1, 2011

Apis Stock Concept 2030( Old stuff)

Hello, once more!
After a little hiatus of like more than half a year, here are some renders I did for a group project from the Brazilian GM Design Challenge 11'. The concept was mainly inspired by the african bee and its agressiveness, as we wanted some reference from nature itself as source of cool shapes. As you can see, there's a piece that works as an airfoil and was worked with basis on the bee's wings. Other parts such as the detail on the rear that looks like the bee's sting.
I thank all the people from the group who helped a lot working with the first ideas, and for all the effort put into it!

André Takeshima

Daniel Rizzato( TRAINEE SHAPE INTERIOR GM 2011 )
Frederico Zanjacomo ( TRAINEE SHAPE EXTERIOR GM 2011 )
Júlio Araújo
Marvin Carvalho

You can check the Alias Model at Luiz's blog!

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